Embracing All.

Feeding Spirits.

Reflecting Christ...

Changing Lives Forever!


           We are Embracing All, because we are an open-arms church.  Whatever your status in the community or  relationship with God, you are welcome here.  We're all recovering sinners, so we understand that you are, too.

We are Feeding Spirits, because we all need more than just acceptance; we all hunger for more than just food.  We hunger for an encounter with the living God, and all that comes with such an encounter: 
being fully known and loved, finding unshakable hope and joy, and discovering an eternally significant purpose.  

We are Reflecting Christ, because, once our hearts and spirits are full, we want to share the story of Jesus with others.  We want to be part of what Jesus calls "the kingdom of God."  We hope that you will experience that kingdom reflected in the people of our church, through meals and laughter and games and deep conversations.  Through those community moments, we believe you will encounter the King - Christ Jesus.  And through meeting the King, we know you will become part of a new, covenant life, committed to expanding God's kingdom of hope and joy in our church, city, and world.

And that's Changing Lives Forever!.

"For the Kingdom of God is near."  Matthew 4:17


Service Time

Worship - 10:00 AM


1806 Weston Ave.  Schofield, WI 54476

Our Vision

Embracing All.  Feeding Spirits.  Reflecting Christ ...
Changing Lives Forever!

Our Mission

To share the word of God, to invite people to respond to the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ, and to welcome them into a community of people of faith who have chosen to follow the leading of Christ.  We gather to worship God; to learn, to share, and grow in our faith; and to reach out in service to the community and to the world.