Confirmation is the Christian's rite of passage from childhood to full adult status in the church.  It is also an opportunity for students to proclaim their own faith in Jesus, as their parents had previously done on their behalf.  Finally, confirmation classes educate our students about the faith, enabling them to build a relationship with Christ that is founded upon knowledge rather than assumptions.

Confirmation classes are offered every year to students 8th grade or older.  We use Theoacademy confirmation curriculum to prepare students to become full and active members of the church.

The confirmation class meets at 8:45 a.m., three Sundays a month from September thru April.  Students are encouraged to participate in morning worship on Sundays, LIFE sessions in the Fall and Spring, and youth group when LIFE is not in session.  The students put their faith into action on a weekend service retreat in late January and will have opportunity to visit other denominations and religious organizations to experience other ways of worship.