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Do you stand out or blend in?

In the early church, amidst a Roman culture profoundly foreign to the Christian way of life, the followers of Jesus stood out like a sore thumb.  Being different wasn’t the goal for those followers of Christ; it just happened because they were following Jesus in every aspect of their lives.  From marriage to money, character to community, profession to poverty, the church stood out.  

Here’s the problem; in America, we don’t look that different.  Our spiritual lives often fail to insect with our public and private worlds.  It's not that we're especially bad; we're just ordinary.  

We have to be different to make a difference.  

This process is much more complex and difficult than simply confessing that Jesus is God.  Perhaps this is why becoming a Christian in the early church was a one-to-two year catechetical journey.  Those church leaders understood that becoming holy (aka “different”) from the Roman culture required intentional, comprehensive life renovation.

This year, we will engage in our own catechesis, and maybe in our own life renovation.  We will wrestle with what it means to be holy, to be different, in every aspect of our lives.  And we will stand out, and stand up, for the sake of our Savior.


Six Areas of Difference

This year, we will explore six areas where Christ calls us to be Different.  Those areas are:

A Generous Marriage – September 17-October 8
(Marriage, Dating, and Singleness)

Thank God It’s Monday – October 15-November 19
(Faith and Work)

In/Different – November 26-December 24
(Compassion and Action)

Lonely Together - January 7-February 11
(Reclaiming Community and Neighborhood)

Declutter – February 18-April 1
(Materialism: Stuff vs Substance)

Unshakable – April 8-May 20
(Character and Integrity)