Stop Human Trafficking - Saturday, June 24, 9 a.m.

stop human trafficking

stop human trafficking in marathon county and beyond

More people live in slavery in the world today than at any other time in human history, despite laws in almost every country making human trafficking illegal.  This is not only a problem for other countries; the US is both a destination and source for trafficked persons.  According to 2014 statistics, between 18,000 and 24,000 people are forcibly brought to the U.S. as slaves annually, compelled to engage in sex and forced labor.  But it gets worse.  Each year, between 100,000 and 300,000 U.S. citizens are at risk of being trafficked for commercial sex in the US.

The average age of these victims is 12-14 years old. Often, they are homeless or runaways, vulnerable to manipulation by their captors. Traffickers use fraud, coercion, fear, abuse and manipulation to control these children.

This problem affects parents and children everywhere. Trafficking happens in Wausau and other parts of North Central Wisconsin just as it does in big cities like New York or Chicago. The evil of human trafficking will not go away without increased awareness.

Covenant Community Presbyterian Church (CCPC) is taking a stand against human trafficking on June 24th.  We will have a training experience in the morning of the 24th starting a 9 a.m., then send out teams in pairs all over the Greater Wausau area to educate staff at hotels and gas stations, to help them notice and report warning signs of potential trafficked victims.  Here is the itinerary for the day:

     9:00   -     9:30     Sign-in, coffee, juice and food and food will be served

     9:30-   11:30      Human Trafficking 101, training for outreach

    11:30-  12:00      Introduce guests

    12:00-  12:45      Lunch

    12:45-    3:00      Outreach in community

      3:00 -     3:30      Return material and contact report

Be part of this event and signup now!

Between now and June 24, you can get involved in these additional ways:

·       Email Ruth Wrysinski to Volunteer as part of the CCPC Human Trafficking committee        

·       Support and/or volunteer at community organizations (Women’s Community, Inc. has a Human Trafficking advocate)

·       Become informed about this abomination (resources below)

You can make a difference. Get involved today. Contact Ruth Wrysinski for more information.

anti human trafficking Resources:

Damascus Road:  

The Women's Community:

National Human Trafficking Resource Center:

Wisconsin Department of Justice:

United States State Department—Trafficking in Persons Report:

The Blue Campaign (US Department of Homeland Security)

ECPAT International:

Protecting your Kids:

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