Milwaukee Mission TriP -  February 9-11, 2018

Would you like to take a trip after the Holidays?  You know—get out of town for a few days?  For the past 9 years, folks from CCPC have done this.

“Where did they go?", you ask…To beautiful Inner City Milwaukee, of course!!   Last year, a team from CCPC spent the weekend of January 13-15 in Milwaukee in 2017 (see pictures above).

Picture arriving on Friday late afternoon at a men’s homeless shelter, unloading a van packed full of warm jackets, shoes, socks, soaps, blankets, etc. and a roaster full of “repurposed” turkey left over from our CCPC Christmas Dinner, (also pumpkin pies and cookies!). 

After serving and eating a hot home-cooked meal it’s time to get serious—Let BINGO begin!! It’s by winning at BINGO that the shoes, jackets, socks, and soaps are awarded as prizes.  These guys love their BINGO!!

After a restful night’s sleep, you will spend Saturday at City on the Hill.  Over the past 7 years, City on the Hill has been able to expand its ministries, reaching out with more services and counseling to many more of God’s people in need.  You will work at the monthly health clinic along with doctors and nurses from several medical facilities who offer their services throughout the entire day.

Saturday night is our night out!  We go to Tippe Canoe Presbyterian Church where we will prepare, serve and eat dinner with the homeless who will spend the night participating in an all night prayer vigil.  The city will not allow the church to be used as a “shelter” so they invite anyone to spend the cold winter night on mats, as they conduct their “All Night Prayer Vigil”. 

Your accommodations in Milwaukee are located at City on the Hill (which was at one time a hospital).  Your sleeping bags will fit nicely on their squeaky bunk beds and showers are conveniently located right down the hall.

Lunch and breakfast are included in this package deal.  No menus are needed as all the food is donated and a total surprise—although you can always count on green beans!!

Sound like a fun adventure?  Interested the 2018 mission trip?  Contact Joanne Lapinske, call her at 715-845-6783.  You don’t want to miss out!