The NEW Movement: 1 Timothy

Here is a video summary of 1 Timothy:


1 Timothy

Paul’s letters to Timothy and to Titus are called “The Pastoral Letters,” as both Timothy and Titus are pastors sent by Paul.  Timothy is serving as the pastor for the Ephesian church while Paul is away; most traditional scholars believe Paul is in prison in Rome near the end of his life (around 65 AD), though there is considerable debate on this topic.  Each of these letters has a different feel that the other Pauline letters; Paul uses different vocabulary and different ideas as he speaks to these pastors.

A major emphasis in 1 Timothy is the instruction to “guard the faith” (6:20) and maintain “sound teaching” (1:10, 4:6, 6:3).  These themes appear in 2 Timothy as well.  How are we called to “guard the faith” and maintain “sound teaching” today?  In what ways are we, like the Ephesians, tempted by false doctrines?

One of the great challenges in 1 Timothy appears in 2:8-15.  Without the rest of Scripture, this passage would lead us to believe that women cannot be leaders in the church, and that they are saved not through faith in Jesus but through childbearing.  Of course, when read with the rest of the New Testament, neither of those ideas make sense.  How do you reconcile this passage with the rest of the letters of Paul?

1 Timothy 6:10 is a famous passage.  How does this speak to you today?

Paul tells his spiritual son Timothy to “fight the good fight of the faith.”  Are you fighting the good fight of the faith, too?


2 Timothy, Titus

2 Timothy is a short letter but contains the beautiful story of faith passed down from Timothy’s grandmother, to his mother, to him.  It serves as a testimony of the power of Christ-centered families.  We also see in 2 Timothy that Paul appears to believe he is at the end of his earthly life (see 4:6-8).  What strikes you about this passage?

Titus is another co-worker of Paul, whom Paul regards as a spiritual son.  He is serving a church in Crete.  What similarities do you see between Paul’s instructions to Timothy and to Titus?  

Stick with your reading this week!  2 Timothy and Titus are the last of Paul’s 13 letters.

Grace and Peace,