Matthew, Continued

Here’s a video recap of the first half of the Gospel of Matthew (chapters 1-13)



Matthew 8-13

The pattern of stories followed by sermons continues in this section of Matthew.  Matthew 8-9 contains a number of famous stories about Jesus, including the faithful centurion, the calming of the storm, the demons cast into pigs, and the raising of the synagogue leader’s daughter from the dead.  Then follows a sermon (called the Missional Discourse) in chapter 10, where Jesus gives instructions to the Twelve as he sends them on their missionary journeys.  

9:37-38 provides a critical transition between the work of Jesus, and the sending of the twelve.  What do these verses tell us about why Jesus sends out the 12?  What do these verses tell us about what Jesus wants from his disciples today?

Are you encouraged or intimidated by Jesus’ sermon in Matthew 10?  Why?

Again, in Matthew 11-12 we get more stories (with teaching interspersed), and in Matthew 13 we get the third sermon of the Gospel of Matthew, the sermon in parables (also known as the Parabolic Discourse).  

Each parable in Matthew 13 is about “the kingdom of heaven.”  What do you think Jesus means by this phrase?  How do the parables help you understand it?  What questions do they raise?


Matthew 14-20

Each of the sermons in the Gospel of Matthew concludes with “when Jesus had finished saying these things.”  See if you can find the sermon in this section!  What is the main theme or topic of this sermon?

Chapters 16 and 17 include two of the most pivotal moments in the Gospel.  In 16:16, Peter declares that Jesus is the Son of God.  In 17:1-8, Peter, James and John see Jesus transfigured, together with Moses and Elijah.  Together with these wonderful, special events comes a new component of Jesus’ teaching.  What does he begin to show and teach them in 16 and 17, after each of these great revelations?

We are halfway through the Gospel of Matthew - stick with it!

Grace and Peace,