The NEW Movement: Revelation 12-18


Revelation 12-18

Chapters 12-14 repeat the central story in a new format - the dragon, the beasts and the Lamb.  Revelation 12 speaks of a woman (the nation of Israel) who is pregnant with a child (Jesus) and chased by a dragon (Satan).  We see a cosmic battle between Michael and Satan, and the beginning of Satan’s end, as he is thrown out of heaven.  

Why do you think Michael fights Satan, rather than Jesus or God the Father?  What are the implications for the church when Satan is thrown out of heaven?

What is the church expected to do during the reign of the beasts?  How is the coming of the Lamb a hopeful moment?

Chapters 15-16 include the final series of seven judgments, in the form of seven bowls of wrath.  What about this section seems familiar to the two previous sevens (seals, trumpets)?  What do you notice that is different?

Chapters 17-18 speak about the “whore of Babylon.”  What are the accusations against Babylon?  How are we to react to Babylon, as God’s people?



Revelation 19-22

This is the end of the end - beginning with the final battle and culminating in the new heaven and new earth.  There are a number of confusing sections, especially those about the 1,000 year reign.  Focus on the passages that make sense to you as you read!  What do you learn about the new heaven and the new earth?  What do we learn about those who choose not to follow Jesus?  How do you feel about the final part of this story?

Keep reading - we’re almost there!

Grace and Peace,