The NEW Movement: 1 & 2 Peter, Jude

We cover three books this week, and so here are three videos summarizing those books:


1 Peter & 2 Peter, Jude

1 & 2 Peter are written by the most famous of the apostles, Simon Peter.  1 Peter is addressed to the Jewish Christian community scattered beyond Judea, whereas 2 Peter does not specify the location of its audience.  Both letters must have been written before Peter’s death in the mid-60s at the hands of Emperor Nero, and his second letter, Peter clearly expects his death to come soon.  Jude is one of the half-brothers of Jesus, along with James, and he also writes to a non-specific group of Christians.

1 Peter 1 offers an excellent summary of the whole Christian faith, from Christ’s atoning death (1:18-19) to our response (1:13-16, 22-23).  A few points, however, require a bit more reflection.  For example, to what is Peter looking forward in 1:5, 1:7, 2:12 and 4:7?  And what does Peter mean by “our exile” in 1:17?

How does Peter emphasize the importance of Christ’s death for us?  How are we to respond?

Peter says the devil, our adversary, prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.  How does Peter instruct us to respond to the devil?  (5:6-11)

In both 2 Peter and Jude, the primary concern seems to be the emergence of false teachers, who misrepresent the gospel.  What do these two books warn us about regarding false teachers?  Where do we see similar false teachers in our world today?


Revelation 1-5

Revelation is one of the most confusing books of the New Testament, but it begins somewhat straightforwardly with seven letters, given to John by the resurrected Jesus in a vision.  These letters, each to a different church, can offer us much insight into our own spiritual lives.  Read each carefully and consider which portions might apply to your own spiritual life.

In the next part of John’s vision, he is caught up into the heavens.  What strikes you as significant about what he sees and experiences there?  Anything that surprises you?

We will study Revelation on Wednesday Nights throughout May, as well as in worship beginning May 14.  Join us as you read to gain a deeper understanding of this book!

Grace and Peace,