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Jesus left us a backstage pass to his life and ministry.  We call it the New Testament.  Twenty-seven books, written by disciples, friends and family of Jesus who together with the Holy Spirit not only launched a world-changing movement, but prepared a living Word for every generation thereafter.  The New Testament is Jesus unfiltered.  And we’re going to read it together this year.  Not part of it, on Sundays mornings; we are going to read the whole thing, cover to cover.  We are going to ask Jesus to be part of our daily life, to meet with him daily for a year.  Reading the New Testament ourselves gives us the full picture of the God-Man who we have always claimed to follow.  Reading the New Testament challenges our false ideas of Jesus and our passive faith.  Reading the New Testament immerses us in the world of a movement that Jesus says will last to the end of the age, and calls us to join that movement and change the world.

Each Sunday, the sermons look at different aspects of the New Testament as part of and in conjunction with the NEW Movement series.

In September, we open The NEW Movement with a mini-series called “Introducing Jesus” as we read through Mark, the first Gospel. In October, we embark on another mini series called “The Science of Faith, the Art of Faithfulness” as we read several of Paul’s letters, and recognize that faith may be linear, but faithful living is anything but straightforward.

Introducing Jesus: September 18-October 2

The Science of Faith; The Art of Faithfulness: October 9-November 20

November to June 2017

Spiritual Cul-de-Sacs--Ancient Christmas Heresies: November 27-December 25

People of the Way--God’s Only Plan: January 1-February 19

Prep for the Journey: February 26-March 19

Traveling Companions--Rediscovering Family: March 26-April 16

Be Selective--Hungry, Humble, Smart: April 23-May 7

Begin with the End in Mind: May 14-June 4

We hope you will join us each Sunday as you journey along with others in the NEW Movement. Watch for weekly podcasts of the sermons when the series begins.