Nicaragua: mission trip reflections

This past summer a group of CCPC member and non-members went on a week-long mission trip to Nicaragua. Upon arrival we received a warm welcome from the youth leaders of Vida Joven (Spanish for young life). The Vida Joven ministry is the same ministry as Young Life in the United States, which focuses on reaching youth with the word of Christ. The Vida Joven ministry was started decades ago by an American missionary couple who brought the concept of Young Life to Nicaragua, to help raise Vida Joven leaders, who in turn share Christ's love through meaningful relationships with the youth of Nicaragua to transform lives. There are Club meetings held weekly in cities all over Nicaragua, which invite youth to experience the fun of skits, songs and fellowship, and begin learning about what it means to have a relationship with Christ.

While in Nicaragua we stayed at the Vida Joven Camp, La Finca (The Farm), which is where the youth go for a week long retreat, to learn more about Christ. While there, we worked in the coffee fields fertilizing plants and planting trees, we made cement blocks to repair a sidewalk at La Finca, we repaired an eroding river bank wall with a new retaining wall and dug a latrine. We also learned about the company behind the coffee fields which is called Beyond Beans. We learned about its history, purpose and many of us purchased coffee beans to take home to our families and enjoy.

One of the main missions of the trip was to help run the medical clinic located about a half mile away from La Finca. Many members of our team worked at the clinic, administering medication, filling out medical information, helping diagnosis health problems and concerns and playing with the children while they waited for their family to be treated.

One day and overnight stay was spent with our host families. During our home stay we experienced a club meeting where we sang, danced and had fellowship in the streets of Nicaragua. We also enjoyed great Nicaraguan food and were able to get a glimpse into the day to day lives of Nicaraguans.

Each night we would gather with everyone who was staying at Vida Joven including other mission groups. We enjoyed music, skits and prayer as well as a devotion. Afterwards we would discuss the day’s events as a group and what challenges or acts of Christ we had faced or seen each day.

Our trip brought us closer - closer together as a church family, closer to the country of Nicaragua and the ministries of Vida Joven and its youth, and closer to Christ.  Our thanks go to all who helped make it possible!

- by Emily Matthews

Here is a brief video on our partners in Nicaragua. Please keep the people of Nicaragua in your prayers.