Hope Life Center in Wausau is committed to supporting pregnant mothers in their journey.  Hope's services include pregnancy testing, limited obstetric ultrasound exams, options counseling, abortion recovery support, pregnancy and early parenting education, adoption information, and limited free testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

A Christian organization committed to helping women and their unborn babies on the path to life, Hope is part of God's "YES" to the world.  We are privileged to partner with Hope this season through Operation Baby Bottle.

Just pick up a baby bottle in our Narthex on a Sunday morning.  Take the bottle home and fill it with change, dollars, or even checks (made out to Hope Life Center).  Bring the bottle back by Sunday, May 29th, and we will deliver all the funds raised to Hope Life Center to support their ministries.

If you have questions, or want to be involved, contact Sarah Luedtke.

To learn more about Hope Life Center, visit their website.