An overview of separate sunday school

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starting september 9, 2018

Over the past number of months, we’ve been discussing the concept of a separate Sunday School Hour beginning in the Fall of this year.  Many of you have provided great suggestions and insights both in person and via survey that have helped shape this concept, and now we’re delighted to announce that our Sunday School Hour will be a reality beginning September 9th!  As a sizable change for our church family, we wanted to provide some details and explanation to prepare you for the Fall.

Why a separate Sunday School Hour?
For our Children and Youth:
 • Relationships.  Teachers will teach twice as often (2 times per month) because they won’t have to miss worship.
 • Worship education.  We will have the opportunity to educate our young children about how to worship, and then to include our older children and youth in the worshipping body.  
 • More programming.  We will double the amount of Christian education available for children on Sunday mornings, with two distinct programs with differing learning objectives. 
For our Parents:
• An opportunity to model your faith for your children. 
For our Adults:
• New educational opportunities on Sunday morning!  
For our Congregation:
• As we continue to grow, we expect to add a second worship service in Fall of 2019.  Sunday School will be a unifying opportunity for us (children, youth, adults) to stay connected regardless of which worship service a family choses to attend.


Sunday morning flow chart

Sunday School Flow Chart.jpg