Session Meeting October 16, 2017

Highlights from Your Session


The meeting was called to order by Rev. Jim Gates at 06:35 P.M. and opened with prayer.   Jeff Gramling gave our devotional.  All elders were present.

Minutes from the previous Session Meetings were approved.

Mark Thompson delivered the treasure’s report which shows we have positive contributions in the amount of $28K.  A motion from the Administration committee to approve the 2017 – 2018 budget was passed.

Our Clerk of the Session reported that a Goal Thermometer for our stewardship drive will be put up in the Narthex.  Since our congregation has grown by about 3% over the past year, the budget has also grown by the same amount.  Because of the growing membership, the Stewardship Committee is not requesting an increase in giving from those who have pledged in the past.  We do have a positive trend in the number of household who pledge.  It is assumed that we will have 100% of Session members pledging this year.

The long-range planning committee reported that as of this date we have $152K pledged for the Capital Campaign ($43K each for construction and debt reduction and $65K as undesignated.  This is from only 18 pledges so far and represents a good start and a source of optimism.  A Q&A session will be held after Worship on October 29th.

A motion passed to accept the minutes as submitted by each of the standing committee chairs.

The session will again this year hold a retreat on November 10 – 11 at St. Anthony’s.

Motions for a new member Session Meeting on 10/29 and for a Session Meeting during the retreat on 11/11 were approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:11 P.M.  with prayer requests for members recovering from illnesses, hospital stays, as well as prayers for our search for a new communications staff member.



Volume 4 October 2017

Session Minutes Summary, August 21, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Rev. Jim Gates and opened with prayer.  Mary Fraaza gave the devotional. A voting quorum was declared present. 

Our meeting began with a presentation from the Long Range Planning Committee.  Mark Thompson delivered a visual presentation of the conceptual drawings for the renovation of the Old Sanctuary. Since the installation of parking lot lighting was to be included in the Phase 1 of the plan, a motion was passed to award the contract to K & M Electric for the project.  The work is scheduled to begin as soon as possible with the completion target to be prior to the time change in October.

Minutes from the previous Session Meetings were approved.

Treasurer, Mark Thompson, reported to the session which included a summary of the 2015 & 2016 Financial Review which was conducted as required in the Book of Order.  The review found our records to be consistent with standard accounting practices and made four recommendations which have all since been put into place.  In addition, the Treasurer’s report reflected our YTD total contributions are still above projections, but the surplus declined from a high of $41K in April to the current level of $29K as of this July report.

Our Clerk of the Session reported on membership which now stands at 551, in increase of 3 since last month.   

A detailed dress code for all Church Staff members was presented from the Personnel Committee.  After discussion, a motion was made, seconded and passed to adopt this policy for our paid staff members. 

Additionally, Session approved a new plan for Personnel Committee membership, tenure, and to accept Jean Rogers as Chair of the Personnel Committee for another term.

A vote passed to accept the minutes as submitted by each of the standing committee chairs.

Pastor Jim presented the final plans for our Mission trip to Camp Luther and plans for the next L.I.F.E. series beginning September 13th.  The meeting was then closed with a prayer at 9:40 P.M.


June 19, Session Meeting

Meeting called to order. Rev. Jim Gates opened with prayer.  Jean Rogers delivered the devotional. A voting quorum was declared present. 

Meeting began with a joint session with the Deacons in the Old Sanctuary as is required on an annual basis. Current membership remains at 548.

Minutes from the previous Session approved.

Treasurer Mark Thompson gave his report. A financial review is being conducted by Terry Anderson for calendar years 2015 and 2016.  A narrative report for the Admin Committee and Session is being prepared.

Deacons chairman Gregg James reported on their activities.  The report was accepted.

The Clerk of the Session reported on:

·         Membership

·         There will be two Presbytery meetings this fall:

o    September 9 in Marshfield

o   November 11 in Weyauwega. 

Pastor Jim reported on the May Presbytery meeting which he attended along with Ruth Wrysinski.  Four Presbyteries were represented. All reported declining membership (CCPC being a notable exception).  A long range goal may be realigning our boundaries.

The WIG Report was dropped off by Amanda Fuls.  Search for a youth leader is moving forward and hope is to have at least one candidate for presentation in the very near future.   

The Long Range planning committee reported. Regular meetings are being held with the hope to have one or two options ready for presentation soon.  It is expected that session would lead the way with the early commitments with 100% participation.  The annual Pledge Sunday will wrap up in November.

·         Jim announced the realignment of session committee assignments for the coming year.  Thanks was also given to Jean Rogers and Jeff Kibler for their years of service as both are now rotating off session.  New Assignments are as follows:

o   Administration: Mary Fraaza (chair), Gary Freels, Jeff Gramling and Mark Matthiae

o   Christian Education: Deb Tice (chair), Chris Jelen and Bob Warner

o   Missions: Sharon Maltbey (chair) and Joanne Lapinski

o   Worship and Fellowship:  Tom Wrysinski (chair), Cheryl Matthews and Kent Perrin.

·         An event is scheduled for August 13 – 20 called “Revive” Central Wisconsin.  It is being presented by several churches in the area.  Those interested should contact Jim Gates, and as he gets more information about the event, he will let all know.

 Session Meeting closed in prayer by Pastor Jim and adjourned at 9 p.m.

May 15, 2017 Session Meeting

Highlights from Your Session

The meeting was called to order by Rev. Jim Gates at 06:36 P.M. and opened with prayer.  A voting quorum was declared present.  Current membership stands at 548.

Minutes from the previous Session Meeting were approved as was the request for the Zblewski and Koskey Wedding to be held at CCPC.

Our Treasurer, Mark Thompson, gave his report to the session which included a note that Members-pledged giving is $41,000 above projection YTD.  He also noted a line item on the expense statement indicating $4,525 the purchase of a new furnace replacement covering the old sanctuary space.

The chairman of the Deacons, Gregg James, reported on the activities of our Deacons.  They are considering the purchase of another cooler/refrigerator to accommodate the delivery of milk and perhaps eggs and/or cheese.  He also reported that our Mentoring program has received names of several members who are interested in becoming mentors for our youth, but no individual has stepped up to be willing to be in charge of the program, stalling progress of the initiative for now.  He brought exciting news about the community meal being served on June 14th before the start of the Food Pantry serving.  This meal is designed to get to know our food pantry customers on a more personal basis and in keeping with our vision of “feeding the spirits”.  Barb Smejkal heading up this program and will be seeking additional volunteers to assist with the meal as well as interacting with our guests.

Pastor Jim conducted a roundtable introduction of Elders and guests, and the guests shared their faith journeys prior to being accepted as new Elders and Deacons.

The WIG Report was given (Wildly Important Goal).  We hope to pull more of our youth into our Worship and Fellowship WIG of greeters, ushers and fellowship.  In addition, Pastor Jim is working with the hiring service on the Youth Minister hiring process.  He should be bringing us three candidates for our search committee to evaluate, and there should be candidates named by our June Session Meeting.

Reports were given by Gary Freels from our Long Range Planning Committee and our Endowment Committee.  The Long Range Planning Committee was formed back in 2016 focusing on personnel and the physical building.  Several projects and ideas are being considered but the first step of setting the goal of reduction of the mortgage debt by $200,000 has previously been approved by Session.  The endowment committee is developing a working framework designed to give members and friends of the church the opportunity to give to the endowment fund if they so desire.  Those funds could not be used for any other purpose.  The framework will be ready to be voted upon by the June Session Meeting.

Standing committees gave their reports highlights of which include: special thanks to Margaret Hawkins for our new candles on the alter table, plans for our combined 30th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Church Picnic, as well as a need for more volunteers to assist with this celebration.

The Session Meeting closed in prayer by Tom Wrysinski and adjourned at 09:04 P.M.

These are highlights from the Session Meeting and do not represent the complete minutes.  As soon as they are published, the complete Minutes are available to be read by any member in the Church Office.  Unless the Session is conducted in a private meeting, all members are welcome to be a guest at the monthly meetings.  It is our intention to provide these highlights to all congregants on a monthly basis in order to keep everyone informed and involved in your faith community.