summer sermon series 2018

Old School - Summer Series 2018.jpg

a new twist on old school

Have you noticed that almost every movie nowadays seems like a remake, a reboot, or a sequel of something from decades ago?  Clothing styles are retro as well, as bell bottoms and dock martens and platforms have all cycled back into style.  It’s cool to be Old School.  So this summer, we’re going to be Old School too.  We’re going WAY back to our childhood, and all those crazy Old Testament stories you learned in Sunday School as a kid.  Stories like Noah and the ark, Daniel and the lion’s den, and Jonah and the fish somehow don’t get discussed much in our adult spiritual lives.  But are they really just children’s stories?  If we cycle back, I believe we will discover that these Old Testament Sunday School stories have more relevance for us as adults than they ever had for us as kids.  Hence our sermon series title: Old Testament Sunday School … Old Testament Sunday School … A New Twist on OLD SCHOOL!