Join the NEW Movement

Note: The NEW Movement sermon series is now complete. You can catch up on the series belowin The NEW Movement blog. And we certainly encourage you to continue daily reading of the Bible. We are currently working on a new series set to start in September.

All successful organizations evolve from fringe movements into mainstream institutions.  This holds true about the church as well.  We began as an insurgency in the Roman Empire and as a radical wing of the Jewish faith.  We shook kingdoms and terrified Emperors; we adopted babies and welcomed the poor and elevated the status of children.  But after re-writing the fabric of Western civilization from the perspective of the oppressed, we eventually became so successful that we became mainstream.  In so doing, we shifted from a movement for change into an institution for preservation.  So many of our failings as Christians stem from this willingness to compromise the ideals and vision of Jesus for the sake of our institutions.

The movement starts with the reading plan. It's very simple to do. Each week, we will read approximately one chapter a day, though some weeks there may be slightly more or less. There are only six reading days each week; there are no reading assignments on Sundays.
Use Sunday as a rest day, or to catch up on any chapters you missed. In worship each Sunday, we will reflect on a passage from the previous week’s readings. Each time you finish a book of the New Testament, drop a stone (stones are provided) in the glass jar in our narthex so our family can celebrate our progress together.

Our sermon series during this movement journey complements your readings. The sermons are broken down into mini-series.

What the church needs, and the world craves, is a NEW Movement. Won't you join with us?