Wednesday Night LIFE (Living in Faith Everyday)

Our LIFE program runs on Wednesday evenings in the fall, winter and spring. These classes include programming for adults, youth and children.


Classes for all ages start promptly at 6 p.m. and conclude at 7. Please note: we offer a meal prior to each L.I.F.E. class. The meal is at 5:30 p.m. The cost is $5/meal (or $25 for all six weeks) and $3/meal for children ($15 for all six weeks).

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fall L.i.f.e. 2018: "jump starting your heart"

Have you ever had a dead battery in your car?  Inevitably, the frustration comes.  “What’s wrong with this dumb car?

Most Christians have had a similar experience in their spiritual lives.    

Or, maybe your battery’s working, but you need a tune-up.  Or maybe you feel like you missed out on the “routine spiritual maintenance” class at some point and now you’re embarrassed to admit it.
If any of that sounds familiar, then our Fall LIFE series will be perfect for you.

From September 19 through October 24, join us on Wednesday nights from 6-7pm for “Jump Starting Your Heart.”  We will discuss critical spiritual disciplines, the practice of reconnecting with God, and how to keep moving forward on your spiritual journey.  You don’t have to live with a dead battery; you don’t have to keep driving and just desperately hope that nothing breaks.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, with intentionality and practice and people, your heart can be a well-run machine!

Please click the button below for the “Jump Starting Your Heart” notes and audio.

The Spring 2018 L.I.F.E. class, "Answers and Questions: Apologetics" tackled great faith challenges for which believers struggle to find answers. Notes and recordings of the sessions are below. 

The Winter 2018 L.I.F.E. class was "Live Well, Live Together" in which we looked at how we are made for community, by the God of community.  We live in a culture that is decidedly anti-human in its isolationism.  But into this individualist culture the church can offer extraordinary hope. Notes and recordings of the sessions are below.

The Fall 2017 L.I.F.E. class was "Date Night Study Hall" and we discussed how to grow love and Christ-like-ness in our marriages.  Listen to class sessions below.

The Spring 2017 L.I.F.E. class took on the challenging Book of Revelation.  Listen below to learn about what the Spirit is saying to the churches through this book!

For Winter of 2017, our five week class was "Time to Change: Making and Breaking Habits." Podcasts of those classes, and course notes, are available below.

The Fall 2016 class was "E.M.P.T.Y. New Testament Survey."  Together with the Old Testament survey from the Spring, this series is CASKET EMPTY - a reference to the empty tomb.  We spent six weeks, (September 14 - October 19), exploring Matthew - 2 Corinthians.  Notes are below.

The Spring 2016 class was "C.A.S.K.E.T. Old Testament Survey" For notes on that eight-week class, click on the button below.

Our adult LIFE class last Fall was titled "The G.O.S.P.E.L. of Grace."  For notes from that six-week class, visit the below link.