3 For 3: A Supper Club Ministry

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Each Sunday from January 27 to February 24, you can sign up to participate in one of our 3 for 3 Supper clubs.  This is an opportunity to get to know families in the congregation outside of our regular programming.  3 for 3 means that you will be part of three families who meet once a month for three months for dinner and fellowship.  You can specify which days/times work best for you; all families are welcome (singles, married, married with children, etc.), and there’s no obligation to host.  This is an awesome opportunity to grow as a church family; don’t miss out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who is welcome in groups?  Singles, widows and widowers, married couples - all are welcome and count as families for the purpose of the 3 families guideline.

2.  What about children?  If you have children, we hope you will bring them to your 3 for 3 group!  But, if you would rather attend without them, that’s ok too!

3.  Where does dinner happen, and do I have to host?  Groups can meet in homes, at restaurants, or even outside for picnics, etc.

4.  What group will I be in?  We have a small ministry team who will prayerfully work to organize everyone into 3 for 3 groups, taking into consideration all the preferences you outline in your signup form.

5.  Can I choose what group in which I will participate?  Because we want everyone to make some new friendships and connections, we will place people in groups intentionally, rather than having you select your own group members.

6.  What happens after the 3 months are over?  In our busy lives, limited commitments are a big help.  To that end, groups are only a 3 month commitment.  Of course, if you want to continue to meet on your own afterwards, you’re welcome to do so!

7.  I can’t participate this time; will we ever do this again?  Yes!  We expect to do this seasonally, typically each Spring and Fall.