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adult institute of discipleship (I.D.)

Our identity is rooted in several factors: relationships, priorities, purpose, habits, and worldview. Part of the central work of the Christian life is to find our identity in Christ. CCPC has a component of our faith community that helps in that endeavor.  Rather than using the name Sunday School, we’re calling it “The Institute of Discipleship,” or I.D. for short.

The focus of I.D. will be to help grow our identity in Christ by deepening our relationships, challenging our priorities, clarifying our purpose, restructuring our habits and redefining our worldview around the kingdom of God.

We have reinvented our Adult Institute of Discipleship this year! As always, our Adult I.D. will run from 9-9:50am on Sunday mornings. However, this year, we will have two distinct alternatives for the I.D. hour: Coffee Talk and The Gospel Project.

coffee talk

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If you are interested in community, meeting new people, and spiritual conversation with other believers, Coffee Talk groups are for you! Each Sunday during ID we will have coffee and treats available in the Fellowship Hall, and small tables setup for conversations. We will help you find a group of 3-6 people, where you can catch up about the week, make new friends, and prepare your heart and mind for worship. We will have some leading spiritual questions, but no agenda or required material to cover; so all tangents are welcome!

Coffee Talk groups will be formed in simple ways: by birthday month, or by demographic, or by conversational topic, etc. Since this is fairly organic, you can stick with people over time, or meet new friend every week. Some groups will remain in the Fellowship Hall, while others might break out into other meeting spaces throughout the church.

Since there’s no curriculum and no end dates, you can come on any given Sunday and fit right in. If you miss a few weeks, we’ll be ready with coffee and conversation when you come back! Check out Coffee Talk starting on September 8th!

the gospel project

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This course will take place in the Adult Education Room (formerly the Youth Room), in the lower level of the church.

For those interested in a class setting, we will offer The Gospel Project starting September 8th. Instead of the short classes we offered last year, The Gospel Project is a three-year class designed to take people through an overview of the story of God. This is a fantastic, conversation based course that gets you into Scripture and walks you through the entire Bible, highlighting the key stories and moments in God’s salvation epic.

Because of the long scope and sequence of this class, new people are always welcome and can pick up with us at any time. Likewise, if you need to miss classes for travel or vacation, you can jump back in when you return without feeling like you’re behind or have missed too large of a section. The class is circular rather than cumulative, so you can begin at the end of year three and travel with us as we then cycle back to year one.

This class includes some optional daily devotional tools, but it doesn’t require any outside reading. This is a fantastic opportunity to get plugged into community and into the Word of God! This class meets downstairs in the large classroom across from the Food Pantry.

For questions about Coffee Talk or The Gospel Project, contact Jim Gates.

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