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adult institute of discipleship (I.D.)

Our identity is rooted in several factors: relationships, priorities, purpose, habits, and worldview. Part of the central work of the Christian life is to find our identity in Christ. This Fall, we launch a new component of our Christian community.  Rather than using the name Sunday School, we’re calling it “The Institute of Discipleship,” or I.D. for short.

The focus of I.D. will be to help grow our identity in Christ by deepening our relationships, challenging our priorities, clarifying our purpose, restructuring our habits and redefining our worldview around the kingdom of God.

Every Sunday from 9-9:50am, we will offer classes in this Institute of Discipleship for adults.  Rarely will these be simple lectures; we hope every class engages you on many levels, including by building connections with your fellow brothers and sisters.  Most courses will be either 6 or 12 weeks long, so we will constantly be beginning new opportunities for study and community.  We are always open to your ideas for upcoming courses. Here are the course options:

Current Class

B90X - This 13-week class runs from February to April. It is designed to correspond with your reading through the entire Bible in 90 days, using our reading schedule called B90X. This class offers videos of world-class Bible scholars who provide overviews of each week’s readings. We will also have a time for discussion about both these videos, and our own reading experiences. Even if you are not able to participate in the B90X challenge, this class will still be impactful for you as it offers a fantastic, high-level survey of the entire Bible. We will meet in the Library.


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