Lofty Goals Capital Campaign

Even as we look back and celebrate our 30-year anniversary, we also look forward with excitement towards what Christ will do with us in the future.  Our 2017 Capital Campaign is about just that; looking back and looking forward.  

We have two “Lofty Goals” for this campaign.  Looking back in celebration, we give thanks for the incredible new worship space and CE wing built in 2008.  We still carry a debt from that project, and we want to see that debt reduced dramatically, and eventually eliminated in 3-5 years. Looking forward, we recognize the future must include a more welcoming facility, and a particular emphasis on our youth.  We envision a new welcome center, a completely revamped youth ministry space, and new parking lot lights.

Debt reduction

At the onset of this capital campaign, our current debt from the construction completed in 2008 (our new sanctuary and CE wing) totaled $580,349.  At our current rate of payment, it will take us over 8 years to completely pay down that number. 

Our first Lofty Goal is to raise approximately $200,000 for debt reduction over the three years of this campaign.  100% of those dollars would go towards paying for our existing mortgage principal.  If we raise $200,000, we will pay our entire debt down in just 5 years and save between $30,000 and $50,000 in interest payments.  Moreover, 14% of our operations budget would be available for new ministries as the Spirit leads us!  Read more about our debt and repayment plan in this white paper.

new construction

Youth and their families have always been a priority for us at CCPC; we plan to increase our investment in our students by renovating our old Sanctuary into a beautiful new multi-purpose space for our youth.   Additionally, this renovation will allow us to live further into our vision of "embracing all" by creating a beautiful new Welcome Center and installing parking lot lights throughout our campus.  

Achieving this second Lofty Goal requires us to raise $300,000 for these projects, roughly divided as $200,000 for the youth space, $80,000 for the Welcome Center and old Narthex renovation, and $20,000 for the installation of parking lot lights.*

*Note that on the outset of this campaign, we just installed the parking lot lights, in order to have them in place this Fall.  We have taken this act on faith that we will raise sufficient funds to cover these costs! 

what you can do

These are indeed "lofty goals." But with God's help and your commitment to the future of CCPC, we can make this happen. Here's what you can do now:

  • Ask Questions! Contact Jim Gates or Gary Freels with any an all questions you might have.

  • Consider what you can give in addition to your annual giving commitment

  • Pray that our gracious God will bless this campaign

You have the option of giving online using the button below or by filling out the commitment you received. Please make your commitment by November 12.