Session Meeting October 16, 2017

Highlights from Your Session


The meeting was called to order by Rev. Jim Gates at 06:35 P.M. and opened with prayer.   Jeff Gramling gave our devotional.  All elders were present.

Minutes from the previous Session Meetings were approved.

Mark Thompson delivered the treasure’s report which shows we have positive contributions in the amount of $28K.  A motion from the Administration committee to approve the 2017 – 2018 budget was passed.

Our Clerk of the Session reported that a Goal Thermometer for our stewardship drive will be put up in the Narthex.  Since our congregation has grown by about 3% over the past year, the budget has also grown by the same amount.  Because of the growing membership, the Stewardship Committee is not requesting an increase in giving from those who have pledged in the past.  We do have a positive trend in the number of household who pledge.  It is assumed that we will have 100% of Session members pledging this year.

The long-range planning committee reported that as of this date we have $152K pledged for the Capital Campaign ($43K each for construction and debt reduction and $65K as undesignated.  This is from only 18 pledges so far and represents a good start and a source of optimism.  A Q&A session will be held after Worship on October 29th.

A motion passed to accept the minutes as submitted by each of the standing committee chairs.

The session will again this year hold a retreat on November 10 – 11 at St. Anthony’s.

Motions for a new member Session Meeting on 10/29 and for a Session Meeting during the retreat on 11/11 were approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:11 P.M.  with prayer requests for members recovering from illnesses, hospital stays, as well as prayers for our search for a new communications staff member.



Volume 4 October 2017