Session Meeting January 15, 2018



The meeting was called to order by Rev. Jim Gates at 06:35 P.M. and opened with prayer.   Sharon Maltby gave our devotional.  Jeff Gramling, Joanne Lapinske, Mark Matthiae and Gary Freels were excused.

Minutes from the previous Session Meetings were approved.

Mark Thompson delivered the treasure’s report which shows we have positive contributions in the year ending 2017 of $50K.  Things are working out with the transition to Dan Luessnhop as our new Treasurer.  We will move at the next Session meeting to meet and elect Dan as treasurer.

Our Clerk of the Session reported that we have 26 fewer members due to the annual purge of the rolls of those either requesting a change or no attendance in three years.  Additionally, Chris Jelen and Bob Warner will attend the Presbytery Meeting in Neenah on March 17th.  We received a letter from Presbytery asking how we wanted to split our money to the Presbytery, the General Assembly, or Synod Missions.  Mary made a motion to give 100% of our shared mission support to the Presbytery.

A motion passed to accept the minutes as submitted by each of the standing committee chairs. 

Deacon’s Note: We had a refrigerator donated to the church by the Barnes family.  Gregg and Sharon will discuss the possibility of having Deacon’s buy milk/eggs from Alde’s.

CE Committee Note: Active Shooter training will be conducted for Sunday School Teachers and Parents on 1/21/18 will another all congregation training to be conducted on February 25th.

Pastor Jim reported that we have secured a mechanism for accepting donated stock from members.  Motion was made to sell those stocks and bonds in a timely manner considering short term market conditions.  Motion by Bob/Tom – motion approved.  Jim will convey this concern to our stock analyst.  Jim suggested to start a search for a choir director.  The Search team would be Jean, Les, Dennis Fehrman, Sara Johnson, Jay St. Clair, and Kate Coenen.   (Tom/Kent – Carried).  Jim will ask them to review the job description and bring it to Session for review.  Jim also reported that Drew, our new communications person as been on the job about three weeks and doing great.  His area will be emails, bulletin, 60% on the website and pod-casts, social media, and eventually the newsletter and slides.  He works 28 hours a week, 9-2 or 9-3 Monday-Friday.

A motion was made by Mary Fraaza as to the Terms of Call for Pastor Gates.  Details to be included in the annual Congregation Meeting scheduled in February.  An increase of 5% was approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 P.M.  with prayer requests for members recovering from illnesses, hospital stays, as well as prayers for our Nominating Committee as they are looking for two more Elders to replace those going off Session this year.