Session Meeting on June 25, 2018


The meeting was called to order by Rev. Jim Gates at 06:33 P.M. and opened with prayer.   Tom Wrysinski, Deb Tice, Chris Jelen, Bob Warner, Mark Matthiae, Joanne Lapinske, Gregg James, Bob Gebauer, Jeff Gramling, Mark Matthiae, Gary Freels, Sharon Maltbey, and Kari Kufahl were present.

Minutes from the previous Session Meetings were approved.

Judy North (First Presbyterian Wausau, Representing COM).

From Commission on Ministry: 
Every 5 years the minister can take a 3-month sabbatical, so Jim has a couple more years to go before he qualifies.  We continue to pay his salary and we are required to fill the pulpit in his absence.  This is not a requirement, but it is strongly recommended, also 3 months is the maximum, also not required.

Rolls and Registers:
Motion for another Baptism for Phoenix and Ryan Patzer’s child on July 8th: 
Motion to restore membership for Steve and Cheryl Martino, and to remove Bob Beck as his request from our church roles

Capital Campaign Committee: 
Mark Thompson and crew have been moving along on deconstruction.  On July 18th the plans go to the State for approval.  Mark Thompson just sent us a draft of the latest design.  Motion to spend up to $60k for construction expenses from the Capital Campaign and pledge dollars as needed was passed.

Pastor’s report:   
We are planning an Israel trip.  Dan L. has a friend to has taken many trips to Israel; we are looking at Oct. 26-Nov. 4th of 2019.  We’d like to get the word out, probably up to 35 people, maybe 40, but it’s a 10-day trip with 8 days on the ground.   It may cost around $4K, but it’s too far in advance to confirm a plane fare.  Jim did the trip in 2013 and it was the most impactful trip of his life.  You read the bible in black & white but after you make this trip you read it in color.  Jim will try and get a brochure made up and out by this summer. 
Discussion was held concerning a Youth Director position vs. Associate Pastor, Education.  Motion was made and carried to hire a search firm for a Youth Director position rather than going through the Presbytery for an associate Pastor – Education position.   Our search team would be Jean Rogers, Chris Jelen, Bob Hocker, Ronda James, Adam Moucha, plus Jim with no vote.  The search would be for a 6 – 8-month period, after which session would need to reauthorize another search or alternative ideas.

Motion passed to elect Bob Warner as Clerk of the Session effective in August.  Motion passed to have a new member meeting on August 22nd.
Previously passed but reminding that Jim will be in Vancouver July 8th – 14th for continuing education.

Deb Tice - Motion to approve one set of stadium seating for the Activity Room.  It came from CE, so we voted, and the motion carried.   Also, they request approval on fall curriculum programs – voted and motion carried.

Tom W.  Photo Directory Supplement we hope to have available by July 8th and 16th.  No progress on the Choir Director Position, and our Picnic is planned for Sept. 9th, our Sunday school kick off.  

Minutes from all other Committee reports were accepted as written with a note that Deacons are now meeting on the First Tuesday of the month.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM