Session Meeting on August 20, 2018

Highlights from Your Session

The meeting was called to order by Rev. Jim Gates at 06:33 P.M. and Gary Freels opened with a devotion and prayer.   Chris Jelen, Bob Warner, Bob Gebauer, Jeff Gramling, Gary Freels, Sharon Maltbey, Kent Perrin, Mary Fraaza, Lori Kibler and Julie Nelson were present.

Minutes from the previous Session Meetings were approved.

Motion carried to give Mark Thompson, Mark Matthiae, Dan Luessenhop and Joy Briggs voice without vote.

Rolls and Registers:
Membership stands at 565.  Motion carried for permission to Baptize Molly Marie Platta, daughter of Chris and Nancy Platta, on November 11, 2018.

Treasure’s Report: 
July was a good month for giving in that we have a surplus of $14.1K for the month and a net surplus of $14.8 YTD.  Our mortgage balance is now $342K compared to $429 LY. 

Capital Campaign Committee/ Long Range Planning:

Plans for construction were submitted to the state and approved, but we will need to install a sprinkler system which was not originally budgeted.  This will add about $110K spread over two years to the project. Construction of the covered walkway is well under way and will be completed before Fall.  A contractor has agreed to handling the remodel, but a formal bid has yet to be approved.  Motion carried to apply all existing undesignated funds of $222.8K towards construction.  Motion also carried that for the next 12 months, we suspend the extra mortgage payments we have been making from the General Fund.

Pastor’s report:   
The start of our I.D. (Institute of Discipleship) is Sunday September 9th at 9:00 AM.  Excitement about the new program is felt through all age groups.

Jim requests prayers for our search teams for both Choir Director and Youth Director.  An interview with a Choir Dir. Candidate is scheduled for 8/21, and Jim began working with the Search Firm as of 8/1 for the Youth Director position.  He feels very positive about the ability to fill these positions.

Jim reported that the Global Leadership Conference was very beneficial which was echoed by those present that attended this year.

There will be a Special Session Meeting on 8/26 to receive a new member – Lauren Rowe

Session members were polled as to interest in attending the Presbytery meeting on 10/20.

In home communion will be served on 8/30.