Session Meeting From October 21, 2019

Rolls and Registers:  Current membership stands at 575.  Includes death of Roy Olson on 9/29/19, the  addition of Jason and Meagan Fandrey, Beverly Long and Cindy Greil.

No Weddings or Baptisms since 9/16

Treasure’s Report: Our YTD net income through September shows a surplus of $20.3K above budget. This is significant since the seasonally adjusted budget would show a shortfall of $15.1.  The mortgage balance stands at $253.2.  We continue to be blessed with the generosity within our community of faith.

Pastors Report to Session:  The date for our annual Fall Session retreat is set for December 13th – 14th at St. Anthony’s in Marathon City. 

November 10th is Commitment Sunday where members will have the opportunity to submit their annual giving pledges for 2020.  All Elders and Deacons will have led the way with their commitments by November 3rd.  Commitment cards will be mailed the week of October 28th and are already available online. If you wish to complete your card visit our Website,

Pastor Jim and 24 members will travel to Israel on Saturday 10/26 and returning on 11/4.

WIG Update:

“Improve engagement of current membership and attract prospective members by adding video components to our existing on-line presence by June 1, 2019.”

Our live streaming of the Worship Service is gaining more remote worshipers each week.  The video team is doing a great job with the technical aspects of the program.

Administration:  Session approved a motion coming from committee to accept the 2020 budget of $617,573.  The Narrative 2020 Budget was previously mailed and shows the details of “Our Next Chapter”.

Christian Education:  Session approved a motion coming from committee to accept a policy and procedure for handling any flagged background checks which will insure the confidentiality of all information gained by the process.  Session also approved five more teacher/volunteers for our children and youth.

Missions: Please plan to attend the Foster Care Presentation after worship on 11/17 to learn more about this exciting opportunity being sponsored by the Mission Committee.

All other Committees:  Minutes of all Committee Reports are available in the Church Office.

After prayers for the people, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25

 Volume 20 October 2019