Session Meeting From June 17, 2019

Rolls and Registers:  Current membership stands at 562 with addition of Marie Slattery on May 26th.

Treasure’s Report: YTD through 5/31, we have a net surplus of $38,351 as compared with a budgeted shortfall of $9,183. We did utilize $75,000 from the line of credit to pay construction invoices. Another $100K of construction expenses is anticipated in June which will still leave a cushion in the line of credit account.

Deacons Report: All Deacons have completed the Deacon Training.  The SECRET Agent program is being planned for the fall with several Jr. and Sr. Agents already signed up.  Rocky Bouldin is resigning as a Deacon due to his relocation to MilwaukeeThe Nominating Committee will present a candidate for Deacon at a called Congregational Meeting in late August or early September

Consideration of Jarls (Jay) St.Clair as an Inquirer:  The Session approved Jay St. Clair’s application to be an Inquirer.  This is the first step for Jay becoming a Commissioned Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church.  In February of 2019, the Session approved the Inquirer Application of Rachael Rogers.  We are excited to have two persons in our congregation who have answered God’s call to serve in this way.

Actions Taken by the Session:  Annual performance reviews have been completed for all staff members and salary increases were approved.  Amanda Fuls’ position will become Full Time as of September 1st.  A Motion carried to approve an adult Baptism of David Brian Stamper on June 30, 2019 and an infant Baptism of Dublin Robert Bertrand on July 21, 2019. Since there will not be a Session Meeting in July, new committee assignments were made for Elders starting August 2st.  Luke Coenen will be joining the Worship and Fellowship Committee in August. 

WIG Update: “Improve engagement of current membership and attract prospective members by adding video components to our existing on-line presence by June 1, 2019.”

Pastor Jim showed the Session our newly designed Home Page on our website.  We now have a portal for anyone to view our Sunday Worship Service live.  There is also a link to our weekly bulletin and a link for online giving.  Anyone can also view previous Worship Services either in the entirety or just audio from previous sermons.  We continue to work on more teams to video other activities at CCPC.  The first Sunday Service to stream live was June 16, 2019.

VBS:  More volunteers are needed for our Vacation Bible School programs – July 14 – 18.  Parents are encouraged to enroll their children as soon as possible.  Ask Amanda Fuls for details about how you can help.  Our theme this year is “Paul’s Dangerous Journey to Share the Truth”

All other Committees:  Minutes of all Committee Reports are available in the Church Office.

After prayers for the people, the meeting was adjourned at 8:55