Session Meeting from August 19, 2019

Rolls and Registers:  Current membership stands at 573 with addition of Dave Stamper, Christina Gilbertson, Robert and Bethany Bertrand, Jim and Deb Bouche, Amy Sherfinski, Amy Garvey, Dan and Angela Frost and Kevin Snow.  Kevin was previously a member of CCPC and an ordained Ruling Elder.  Please welcome all our new members.

Treasure’s Report: Our YTD net income through June is $37K above budget, and our mortgage balance is down to $260K.

Triennial Visit with the Commission on Ministry: Judy North and Joy Nelson-Jeffers were our guests representing the Commission on Ministries of the Presbytery.  Every three years Elders are given the opportunity to report to the COM our activities, ministries and ways CCPC is supporting our community, our Pastor and each other.  Our mission efforts locally, nationally and internationally were applauded by the COM.

Pastors Report to Session:  Pastor Jim reported on the Fall Kick off plans starting on September 8th including a new Sermon Series entitled “Unfinished” which will take us through the entire book of Acts by the end of June 2020.  On Sunday 9/8 we will conclude our Worship Service in Bouldin Hall for the official ribbon cutting followed by out annual Church Picnic.  Our I.D. classes will also begin at 9:00 am that day for all children and adults.  Youth Kickoff (Salt and Light) will be September 11th followed by the beginning of our L.I.F.E. program for all ages on September 18th.

WIG Update: “Improve engagement of current membership and attract prospective members by adding video components to our existing on-line presence by June 1, 2019.”

Our live streaming of the Worship Service is gaining more remote worshipers each week.  The video team is doing a great job with the technical aspects of the program, and Drew Bouche is producing various videos of the programs and activities going on at CCPC.

Missions: Over 30 of our members, children and adults, will be leaving for Camp Luther on Thursday 8/22 and returning on Sunday 8/25.  The annual mission trip to Chicago will be traveling on Thursday 9/19 and returning on Sunday 9/22.  During the Missions Committee meeting on 8/12, Sue Thompson has proposed a vision for a ‘Covenant of Salt’ ministry which will take place at intake when Hearts of Hope families pick up winter clothing. Families will be invited to partner with church members to enhance their spiritual growth.  Church members will be trained as mentors to the families.  There would be a dinner or other ‘kick off’ event with smaller, individual gatherings and events throughout the year. Participating families would be invited to church, to attend CCPC events, and would have a church mentor available for spiritual needs and to develop relationships with the families that participate. It will be made clear that there will be no monetary support as part of the program. The goal would be that 10% of the Hearts of Hope families would participate , and there would be 20 members from church willing to be mentors.  The program is a vision that Sue Thompson wants to develop and lead.  Contact Sue directly for more information or your willingness to help.  The Session supports her initiative.

 All other Committees:  Minutes of all Committee Reports are available in the Church Office. After prayers for the people, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25

Volume 19 August 2019 (No Session meeting in July)