Sunday Morning Worship - 10am


why worship?

Worship is at the center for us.  We believe that all people were made for the purpose of assigning honor, worth, and love to God.  Worship is an inescapable and inevitable human act; we assign worth, in varying degrees, to everything from significant others to sporting events to collectible stamps to small green pieces of paper.  We live into our purpose when we place God at the top of that pyramid of importance.  Every Sunday morning, we gather to be reminded that God - who made us, became human for us, died for us, and rose again for us - holds the first place in our hearts, minds, and lives.


our style

Our service blends a traditional liturgy with a community atmosphere and some modern audio-visual components.  Expect hymns, prayers and creeds drawn from 2,000 years of church history, the occasional video illustration, and an environment where people actually notice and greet you, even on your first visit!  There's no dress code for us, but most folks tend to be "business casual."  Whatever you wear, you will fit right in; you'll see a few shirts-and-ties, and just as many wearing jeans (and during Packers games, you will see a ton of people wearing the green-and-gold).

We believe we worship Christ best when we:

- Present the good news each week

- Connect the Bible to our daily lives

- Give the church something great to do for God's Kingdom

We hope you will come and encounter Jesus Christ with us!


Guest Surveys

If you are a first or second time guest to our church, we are so glad you are here!  In order to hear about your experiences at CCPC, we ask that you take a minute and fill out the appropriate survey below.