Wednesday Night LIFE (Living in Faith Everyday)

Our LIFE program runs on Wednesday evenings in the Fall, Winter and Spring. These classes include programming for adults, youth and children.


Classes for all ages start promptly at 6 p.m. and conclude at 7. Please note: we offer a meal prior to each L.I.F.E. class. The meal is at 5:30 p.m. The cost is $5/meal (or $25 for all six weeks) and $3/meal for children ($15 for all six weeks).

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fall L.I.F.E. series 2019

w.w.j.T.: What would jesus think

How do we determine God’s will in the midst of the complex issues facing us as modern Christians? What do we do when Christians disagree about the Bible’s message on topics like baptism, or women’s ordination? Are there times when the Bible is simple too outdated to guide us on spiritual, theological, or ethical matters? Why is getting clarity on these topics so hard?

Too often, we settle for oversimplified solutions to these questions. Perhaps we search for a single verse and use it as a proof-text to affirm our pre-existing beliefs. Or, sometimes we jettison the Bible on topics where it doesn’t match with our convictions.

There is a better way! Join us this Fall for our Adult LIFE class, “Building a Biblical Worldview.” We will consider how to formulate a Christ-centered lens through which we read Scripture and interpret our daily choices. Our goal is not to provide a laundry list of answers to the difficult theological questions facing the church; instead, we will develop the skills and framework to determine our own beliefs, built upon the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Spring 2019 L.I.F.E. class, “Christ & (Film) Culture,” looks at a fascinating moment in American history.  The explosion of TV stations, the growth of streaming services like Netflix, the emergence of blogs and social media, and the social stratification of our nation has resulted in a myriad of subcultures, with few stories or events spanning across those smaller collectives.  Yet a few wildly popular film phenomena have continued to establish and appeal to an American monoculture. Click on the button below for audio of conversations on the last vestiges of that nationwide culture, the surprising power of comedy and fear, why comic book characters are everywhere, and the significance of fantasy as a genre, all through the lens of the gospel and the Bible.

The Winter 2019 L.I.F.E. class, “Person and Gifts of the Holy Spirit,” explored what can typically be the most confusing of the Three Persons of the Trinity. What does Scripture say about the Holy Ghost, and how do we relate to God the Spirit? What does it mean that he lives inside us? What are these “spiritual gifts” and how do we as Presbyterians understand them? Click on the button below for notes and audio of a “spirited” discussion about the Holy Ghost.

The Fall 2018 L.I.F.E. class, “Jump Starting Your Heart” looked at critical spiritual disciplines, the practice of reconnecting with God, and how to keep moving forward on your spiritual journey.  

The Spring 2018 L.I.F.E. class, "Answers and Questions: Apologetics" tackled great faith challenges for which believers struggle to find answers. Notes and recordings of the sessions are below. 

The Winter 2018 L.I.F.E. class was "Live Well, Live Together" in which we looked at how we are made for community, by the God of community.  We live in a culture that is decidedly anti-human in its isolationism.  But into this individualist culture the church can offer extraordinary hope. Notes and recordings of the sessions are below.

The Fall 2017 L.I.F.E. class was "Date Night Study Hall" and we discussed how to grow love and Christ-like-ness in our marriages.  Listen to class sessions below.

The Spring 2017 L.I.F.E. class took on the challenging Book of Revelation.  Listen below to learn about what the Spirit is saying to the churches through this book!

For Winter of 2017, our five week class was "Time to Change: Making and Breaking Habits." Podcasts of those classes, and course notes, are available below.

The Fall 2016 class was "E.M.P.T.Y. New Testament Survey."  Together with the Old Testament survey from the Spring, this series is CASKET EMPTY - a reference to the empty tomb.  We spent six weeks, (September 14 - October 19), exploring Matthew - 2 Corinthians.  Notes are below.

The Spring 2016 class was "C.A.S.K.E.T. Old Testament Survey" For notes on that eight-week class, click on the button below.

Our adult LIFE class last Fall was titled "The G.O.S.P.E.L. of Grace."  For notes from that six-week class, visit the below link.