Time for a Change: Making and Breaking Habits

Course Objectives:

1.      Equip participants with an understanding of the Scriptural and scientific tools for habit formation and habit change

2.      Equip participants with an understanding of addiction and how addiction and habits interrelate

3.      Aid in the creation or alteration of a specific habit for each person

Course Outline:

Habit formation is a critical component of the Christian life and often overlooked in our discipleship practices for both children and adults.  Our brief 5 week class will divide the conversation about habits into the following sections:

January 4 – Understanding Habits

January 11 – Starting and Changing Habits

January 18 – Starting and Changing Habits Continued/Societal Habits

January 25 – Addiction: Habits +

February 1 – Helping Others: Passing It On

Individual Application

Each participant is asked to select one specific habit they would like to start or change.  It may be advantageous for this to be a habit you are comfortable discussing.  Bring your specific habit idea to our January 11th class.

Recommended Resources:

This class will draw heavily upon Charles Duhigg’s marvelous book, The Power of Habit.  You are strongly encouraged to pick up a copy and read it at your own pace to reinforce the concepts discussed in class.


For a technical understanding of addiction in the brain, consider David J. Linden’s The Compass of Pleasure.


Those looking to add spiritual habits into their lives might consider Richard Foster’s The Celebration of Discipline.


Class recordings will be posted each week on the podcast barring any technical difficulties.  Notes will be emailed out via the blog each week.