Send Yourself to the Nations

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Join us in Sending Yourself to the Nations this year by committing 2% of your year (7 days or 168 hours) to a cross-cultural missions experience.  The Send Yourself to the Nations Sermon Series runs from December 2-December 25. 

If you are interested in a mission trip experience; this year we will have more options than usual, including a Haiti Mission trip AND a family-friendly all church trip to Camp Luther, in addition to our regular Chicago and Milwaukee missions.  A list of all mission experiences from September 2018-December 2019 is available on our website under the Serve the World section.

if you are unable to do a week-long trip but would still like to commit 2% of your year to cross-cultural missions, there is also great need in our local community.  For a list of local mission opportunities, visit our Serve the City page.  Be sure to download a PRA•X•IS Send Yourself tracking card below so you can track your hours served!


Additional Resources:

For reading on the urgency and importance of the church serving the local and global poor, we recommend "The Hole in the Gospel" by Richard Stearns.

For an excellent discussion of why most church's missions tend to do more damage than good, and how to alleviate poverty effectively, we recommend "When Helping Hurts" by Fikkert and Corbett