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Church Life Series September 10, 2017 - May 20, 2018.

We must be different to make a difference.



Different Series 5: During this Lenten season we explore the things in our lives that may divert our attention from Christ. The "stuff" in our life, physically and spiritually, that can be a roadblock or distraction from knowing and pursuing our Divine purpose. 

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Christian missions and refugees

Covenant Community Presbyterian Church hosted a weekend discussion of the refugee crises around the world and the call of the Church to have an impact. Our speaker was Ross Wood. 


Reclaiming Community

Different Series 4: Community brings us together and reflects who we are as the Body of Christ. It is important to continuously grow within, while outwardly projecting the love of a community of believers. 

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In/Different - The Love Apology

Different Series 3: The most distinct component of the early church was also its most powerful argument for the validity of the gospel - the church's extraordinary capacity to love.  In loving our Lord, our church, our neighbor, and our enemy, we live our most important difference.

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Thank God It's Monday

Different Series 2:  Our work should be one of the most sacred and spiritual parts of our lives.  How do Christians approach their jobs?  Do we work different?


A Generous Marriage

Different Series 1:  Marriage provides us with our most intimate earthly relationship.  How do Christians distinctively practice marriage?  How do we determine if marriage is for us?  Are we different enough?

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Questions for God

questions for god

What do you want to ask God? Our summer series, "Questions for God," uses questions submitted by members of the congregation. Each week, Pastor Jim will attempt to answer a question using God's Word, the Scriptures. The sermon series starts June 11 and runs through September 3.

World religions

For Adults Only (FAO) Bible Study: World Religions

Our focus for adults during VBS is on World Religions.  We can’t possibly cover all religions, but will discuss a chosen few in some detail. 

July 17 - Judaism
July 18 - Islam
July 19 - Buddhism
July 20 - Mormonism/Jehovah’s Witnesses

The NEW Movement


Church Life Series September 11, 2016 -June 4, 2017.

Read the Word; change the world.


begin with the end in mind

The New Movement Series 8: What comes to mind when you imagine heaven?  Clouds, harps and togas?   A long tunnel with a light?  Endless singing? There are many misconceptions. We close the NEW Movement with a sermon series on the book of Revelation.

Great Coworkers

Be Selective: Hungry, Humble, Smart

The New Movement Series 7: Nothing is quite as disheartening as realizing that your team includes people who just don’t care enough.  And if it’s difficult to experience this in the workplace, it’s even more challenging in the context of family.  

traveling companions: rediscovering family

The New Movement Series 6: Following Jesus, being part of his Tribe, comes at great cost.  But how can you be an adult without sacrifice? Learn the answer this and other questions in this short sermon mini-series.

race and the church

Covenant Community Presbyterian Church hosted a weekend discussion of race and the Church. Our speaker was Rev. Nate Griffin.

The In-Crowd

Summer Sermon Series: May 29, 2016 - September 4, 2016

Explore the lives of Jesus' twelve best friends and his inner circle.

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Dust of the Rabbi

Church Life Series: September 2015-May 2016

Following in footsteps of Jesus. 

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Exploring the Holy Spirit in the Psalms and the Gospel of John - June 28-August 30, 2015

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