We have three grade-specific classes for Youth on Sunday mornings:

BC Youth - BC stands for Before Confirmation, and is our ministry to 6th & 7th graders.  BC Youth have class every Sunday morning during the worship hour except for the first Sunday of the month, where they remain in worship for Communion.

Confirmation - Our Confirmation program is primarily for 8th graders, though occasionally older students may participate.  The Confirmation class meets before Sunday morning service.  We want confirmation students to participate in Sunday morning service to better understand their new role as members of our church.  

AC Youth - AC stands for After Confirmation, and is our ministry to 9th-12th grade students. Students in the AC youth class meet on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month and focus on exploring biblical topics through in-depth historical and modern media portrayals of the Bible.  This class includes students who have already been confirmed.  On off weeks, students worship with their families.  Click Here for a AC Sunday School Schedule.

Visit this page for information about Sunday School for 5th graders and younger.


Our current curriculum is called "FaithWeaver Now" and is a fantastic tool to teach children the stories of our Christian faith.  We journey through key stories in the Bible in a three-year cycle.  Each week, all classes discuss the same Bible passage at age-appropriate levels, and children leave with a "home discussion" sheet so parents can continue spiritual conversations at home after church.